The US Presidential election is at an exciting stage & it is predicted to have a close finish. It has been the most bizzare & crazy electioneering process. Never has there been an election where one of the candidates has had the most negative sentiment, but somehow has influenced the implicit mind of the voters to get nominated and be a strong Presidential candidate!

There are various polls with differing results. Clinton seems to be having an edge in most of the polls. Trump, it seems has peaked at the right time.S

I have taken a shot at predicting the US elections.  My prediction is not based on survey polling. It is a combination of applying statistics to 2012 poll results, social media sentiments, Digital branding of political leaders & qualitative talks with few US citizens.

Swing states seems to be Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virgina (which account of 96 electoral votes).

As per my predictions.. Trump would be the winner with 300 votes!


Final Results


Table 1


Table 2


Table 3


Table 4


As the world’s largest Democracy moves towards the last phase of polling, let us see the predictions on who will be able to form the next government in India.

In the history of Indian politics, this election has been the most fiercely fought between the ruling Indian National Congress (NDA) & the Hindutva Bhartiya Janata Party (UPA). Many media houses and political partied have spent crores to rupees in doing election surveys & predicting the final outcome.

My prediction is not based on surveys. It is a combination of applying statistics to 2009 poll results,social media sentiments, branding of political leaders ,qualitative talks with people from various regions in India & most importantly capturing the political buzz among the common man.

As seen below…NDA¬†should comfortably be well over the required majority! They should get close to 300 seats. Congress is headed for a complete rout. BJP will on its own get close to 240-250 seats.